Licensed and Published PhD, Psychotherapist
Colorado LPC# 2523

District Court Appointments:
Parental Responsibility Evaluator, Family Consultant & Conflict Coach, Parenting Decision Maker and Parenting Arbitrator.

Mental Health Professional:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Private Practice, Fort Collins CO.


  • Private practice: Individual and Group Psychotherapy, Therapeutic Reunification (Sandra Hewitt protocol, Ft Collins, CO
  • Training and development workshops “Respectful communication workshops, Larimer and Weld counties.
  • Parental Responsibility Evaluator-to provide recommendations to the Magistrate toward resolving parenting conflicts that have not been resolved through Court mediation and/or Special Advocate interventions. These recommendations are based solely on the best interest of the children involved. Evaluation process involves private interviews, home visits and psychological testing. Custody Evaluations completed for Larimer, Weld, Jefferson, Boulder, Denver, Adams, Summit and Eagle County Courts.
  • Parenting Decision Maker, Arbitrator, Larimer and Weld County District Courts.
  • Consultant for Custody Evaluations
  • Child and Family Investigator appointed by the Courts to make recommendations to the Magistrate in the form of a formal report, identifying recommendations specifically involving the allocation of parental responsibilities, primary residence and/or parenting time. Most all CO Judicial District Courts
  • – Assistant visiting Professor, Professional Psychology at the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado. Classes taught/supervised: Masters and Doctoral Clinical experience;Masters and Doctoral level group
    Doctoral level Clinical Supervision
    Masters level and Doctoral Career Theory
    Masters level group experience/Denver
    Masters tests and assessments
    Masters and Doctoral level practicum class
    Masters level tests and assessments
  • Instructor for Divorce Transitions, Fort Collins, Colorado (co-parenting classes)
  • Adjunct Professor, Colorado State University, counseling Fort Collins;. School of Education: Group Counseling, Practicum
  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society: Colorado State University
  • – Internship: Colorado State University
    Assistant instructor for ED700 (advanced research); Supervisor of supervision Practicum and Internship; Individual supervision experience under a licensed psychologist, 32 hours
  • – Guest lecturer for ED430 (diversity in communication); presented REBT and TA. Colorado State University
  • – Pilot study designed and administrated to evaluate Colorado State University undergraduates perspective on multicultural issues infused into their curriculum. SPSS used for analysis.
  • – Supervisor for Masters Practicum students (128 hours); group (34 hours); Live supervision (16 hours); and 24/7 on call. Colorado State University
  • – Support group facilitator for six (6) Masters Students. A six (6) session group design. Colorado State University
  • – Volunteer for the Denver Career Fair (Career 2000), career assessments administrated.
  • – Volunteer for the Larimer County Employment Facilities (ETS), practice interviews and resume evaluations.
  • – Narrative research project.
  • – Teaching Assistant for ED686 (mental health issues); Syllabus development, contact person for guest speakers, presenter, lecturer, grading, guest speaker (spring 1997) Anorexia Nervosa.
  • – Research Assistant to Dr. Sharon Anderson on two studies; Multicultural Infusion into curricula; The student’s perspective. 1997, 3rd author, publication pending.; Post therapy relationship with therapist and client (nonsexual, nonromantic) 2nd author.
  • – Private Practice, Madison WI
  • – Behavior Modification Counselor for Nutri-System; Madison Wisconsin group therapy and individual therapy 250 clients
  • – Complex Coordinator/Counselor student services, Creighton University, Omaha Nebraska (4 residence halls-600 students)
  • – Resident Advisor student services, Ball State University, Muncie Indiana (1 graduate residence hall-200 students)
  • – Student teacher, elementary school, Bloomington Indiana (grades 1 & 3).



  • – Private practice, Psychotherapy, 242 Linden St, Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • – Parenting Decision Maker/Arbitrator
  • – Professor and Supervisor Masters and Doctoral Clinical Laboratories University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado.
  • – Adjunct Professor, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • – Counselor, Nutri-System Madison, Wisconsin. Lectures were 30 minutes in length and dealt specifically with behavior change with in depth look at self talk. Group sessions, 10 per group. Development of Nutritional lectures. Lectures were 30 minutes. Private counseling given to those clients from group who needed additional time. Care calls given to all clients who missed appointments.



  • – Ongoing clinical training through BDIC , ACA, APA, & AFCC
  • – Practicum/Internship Supervisor: Colorado State University and University of Northern Colorado.
    *. Provide individual supervision to Masters students in the Practicum experience in Counseling.
    *. Live supervision given to Counseling practicum students during their counseling sessions.
    *. Group supervision given to practicum students as they process their client cases.
    *. Grades given to practicum students.
    *. On call emergency contact person (24 hours a day/7 days a week).
    *. Counseling theories and application reviewed and role-played.
    *. Supervision of my supervision provided by a licenses Psychologist on a weekly basis.
    * Tests and Assessments: Level C qualification
  • – Research Assistant, Colorado State University.
    *. Primary and Secondary literature review.
    *. Assisted in the proposal of Human Subjects;
    *. Development of newspaper ads for participants in study.
    *. Administered questionnaires to undergraduates for infusion project.
    *. Coding; Manual and HyperResearch.
    *. Assisted in the preparation of the above two research projects; Multicultural Infusion into curricula and Post Therapy Relationships, for an APA National Convention in Chicago, IL August 1997.

  • *Complex Coordinator, Student Services, Creighton University,.
    * Provided individual counseling to residence in the halls.
    * Organized workshops for Resident Advisors.
    * Organized workshops for all students, graduate and undergraduate. (Educational as well as self help)
    * Developed programs for wellness education, career and recreation.
    * General disciplinarian for rule violations with Residence Halls.
    * Hired and released staff.
    * In-service trainer for weekly staff meeting with Resident Advisors.
    * Accountant for 95 Residence Hall floor accounts.
    * Committee involvement with Residence Hall life lecture series.
  • – Counselor Internship, Creighton University Student Counseling/Career Center.
    * Individual on site counseling with university students.
    * Group counseling with university students.
    * Workshop organizer and facilitator for educational/career workshops.
    * Created and organized an all campus career fair.
    * Test administration for career seeking questions.
  • – Counselor Practicum, Creighton University Student Career Center.
    * Individual and group counseling of traditional and nontraditional students. Areas of student concerns were:
    * Stress Management
    * Depression
    * Separation Anxiety
    * Career concerns
    * Substance abuse
    * Anorexia & Bulimia

  • Private Practice – $200/hr
  • Travel Costs for driving to and from parties residences outside of Larimer County – $200/hr
  • PRE hourly rate – $200.00 hour
  • Travel of out of state: $1500.00 out of office per day plus airline, car and hotel
  • PRE Retainer – $6500
    $6500 retainer covers my first 35 hours on a case (additional changes will be made at my hourly rate of $185 and will be billed out to the parties prior to submitting my PRE report)
  • PRE Timeline 90 days out
  • Court Testimony for PRE retainer – $3500.00 (Non-Refundable)
  • PRE/PDM will charge – $200/hr (minimum charge 15 minutes) on email and phone call exchanges.


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